Kyoto City Bus (“Shi-bus”)

↑This is what a Kyoto City Bus(“Shi-bus”) looks like.↑

This bus system covers the whole Kyoto City(). In Kyoto City, there are basically 5 areas for sightseeing.
These are: Arashiyama() Area, Kinkakuji() Area, Okazaki() Area, Ginkakuji ( ) Area and Higashiyama() Area.

There are 2 fare systems for Kyoto City Bus.

  1. Flat fare routes – 220yen for adults and 110yen for children of ages 6-12 years old.
  2. Non-flat fare routes – base on intervals of travel, i.e. the longer the distance, the more expensive. In this case, a special system is used.

2 Responses to “Kyoto City Bus (“Shi-bus”)”

  1. Tan Chiew Kiok says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    May I know is the “One Day City Bus Pass” included RAKU buses from Kinkakuji to Ginkakuji?

    From your website showing bus no. 204 can be reached from Kinkakuji to Ginkakuji, is this included in One Day City Bus pass?

    I understand that I can take bus no. 5 from Nanzenji to Gion and Nishi Market, am I right?

    Your early guidance for me to plan my itinerary would be very much appreciated.

    Your faithfully,
    Chiew Kiok

  2. Admin says:

    Please download the most recent map from the Kyoto visitors bureau. It should show you the current routings. There is an additional charge for some Kyoto City buses that go outside the city perimeter. This is marked on the map.

    The One Day Bus Pass is usable on any city bus but there might be an additional charge if you go outside the marked perimeter.