Kyoto Bus (private bus co.)

Kyoto bus is a private bus company which operates Kyoto city. Compared with any other bus company, it operates northern part of Kyoto city.

Kyoto bus’s features

1. Bus fare is usually 220 yen.

2. Kyoto bus is operated to Hirogawara, the Northernmost bus stop in Kyoto city.

5 Responses to “Kyoto Bus (private bus co.)”

  1. Patricia Walby says:

    Can you send me a map of your bus route number 72. I want to know where it goes to in Arashiyama please. Many thanks.

  2. uraiwon kaewborworn says:

    Can you send me the information bus number 19 to Ohara and bus number 95 Ohara to Kurama .Thanks.

  3. Admin says:

    The #95 bus does not run these days.

    Ohara buses

    You can catch buses to Ohara from either Kyoto Station (#17) or Kokusai Kaikan (Int’l Conference Center – #19). To go to Kurama, you will have to take the Eiden Line from Demachiyanagi or walk to the nearest station to Kokusai Kaikan, Takaragaike.

  4. Admin says:

    Cards with an IC chip don’t work on most bus systems. The thin pre-paid cards which use a magnetic backing like the Suruto Kansai cards do.

  5. Admin says:

    Here is the schedule of buses leaving the International Conference Hall:

    Here is the schedule of buses FROM Ohara: